Air Purifier

Homeowners can eliminate many pollutants from their duct work by paying for duct-cleaning services and sealing joints to keep basement or attic contaminants out of their ducts. However, this will not stop germs and mold spores in living areas from entering the duct work. One way to kill bacteria, germs, viruses, mold and yeast is to use air purifiers. Protect your home with the Micropure Air Purifier. This purifier mounts to your duct work and works with your HVAC system all year long. The purifier we use produces an active cloud of air scrubbers that sweep through the home and seek out indoor contaminants, safely and effectively eliminating bacteria, mold viruses, mildew, smoke, odors, and pollutants in the air AND on surfaces. The resulting sterilization benefits both your health and the equipment.

Contaminates not only cause medical problems they also decrease the efficiency and reliability of heating and cooling systems. The equipment must exert greater effort to move air through dirty ducts and filters. This reduces its lifespan and results in higher fuel or electricity bills. Recently manufactured systems are more sensitive to duct work contamination than older models.

Humphrey Heating and Air helps northern Utah homeowners purify their indoor air and keep HVAC systems running dependably for many years to come. Our experienced, well-trained technicians can mount high-quality ultraviolet lights in your ducts. We also perform related services, such as replacing furnace filters. For further details and a free quote, please dial 801-294-2757.