Ductless air conditioner Salt Lake City UtahDuctless systems deliver air directly into a room without duct work. They consist of a small outdoor unit and one or more indoor units that mount on a wall. Ductless splits offer the benefit of being able to be installed in rooms where adding duct work is not an option such as finished rooms, additions, and rooms that just don’t heat or cool to an acceptable level.
Ductless systems are composed of three main components – an outdoor condenser, an indoor coil and fan, and a remote control that also doubles as a thermostat. Mount it anywhere in the room for customized comfort. Multiple indoor heads can be ran off of just one outdoor unit.

Ductless air conditioners and heaters are highly efficient. With ratings up to 22 SEER these systems are a cost effective alternative to baseboard heaters and window units. Ductless split systems are quiet and easy to maintain.

Ductless cooling and heating systems can be customized for your home. They offer homeowners the ability to heat and cool specific rooms in there homes to the exact temperature they desire providing comfort all year long. Humphrey Heating and Air expertly installs high efficiency ductless air conditioners and heat pumps. Give us a call and we can discuss what a ductless system can do for you.